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24/7 Transcript Repository

Benefits to Lawyers

Litigation attorneys and and their teams receive a number of benefits in using our Repository:

  • Transcripts and exhibits are easy to view online or download, 24×7, 7 days a week.
  • Transcripts and exhibits are full text searchable.
  • Repository allows attorneys to summarize analyze depositions and exhibits online.
  • Additional features to help lawyers with their cases include case calendars, case contacts, document notes, virtual document folders and more.
  • We provide free training at no charge.  (System is easy to use so often none is needed.)

Need for Web-Based Transcript and Exhibit Repository

Lawyers have come to expect fast online access to litigation records in almost all areas of their legal practices.  Filing of pleadings and court records in electronic format (usually PDF) is routine in most jurisdictions and required in many.

Most litigators utilize some type of computerized legal application and increasingly are using web-based litigation and document management systems to enable online collaboration among litigation team members.

Apex Court Reporting offers an online repository of depositions to keep current with practice expectations.  Online access provides depositions and exhibits in electronic form, which can be easily copied and shared.

Response time is often important and lawyers can obtain access to important transcripts and exhibits through a repository earlier than what would be available by mail, courier or email.  A web-based deposition or transcript repository allows for 24×7 access outside of normal office hours.

Please note Repository information is placed behind a firewall and requires passwords to access. For the protection of your transcripts and data we do not automatically place them online. If you would like to use our repository please let us know and we will upload your documents and provide you with your user ID and password to access the data.