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Government Court Reporting Services

Apex Court Reporting has provided Government Court Reporting Services to Government bodies such as the United States House of Representatives HearingsUnited States District Courts, Mayor Bloomberg’s Office, Department of JusticeFederal Bureau of Prisons, FEMA and non-profit organizations such as the Museum of Modern Art.


We provide

  • Government Court Reporting Services
  • Government CART Services
  • Government Legal Videography Services
  • Government Captioning Services
  • VA Court Reporting Services
  • Administrative Hearing Court Reporting Services
  • VA Hearing Services
  • Congressional Hearing Court Reporting Services
  • Agency Hearing Services
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Court Reporting Services
  • Department of Justice Court Reporting Services
  • State, Municipal and Local Goverment Court Reporting Services
  • State, Municipal and Local Government CART Services for the deaf and hearing impaired

The Courts have counted on us and our reporters for accurate reporting of court proceedings and real-time reporting of cases in providing Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services, and so can you.

Apex offers a host of Government services for all your governmental court reporting needs including deposition Court Reporting, Real-Time Reporting, CART and Legal Videography with synchronized transcription of the proceedings to video.

Government CART Services

We also provide CART Services for the deaf and hearing impaired. Our CART providers have provided CART services to many colleges, universities, non-profit organizations and governmental bodies.

Our professional captioners have captioned major sports events, live news broadcasts, recorded shows and many forms of live or pre-recorded Television programming.

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