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Karen enjoyed the benefits of working as a freelance court reporter in Los Angeles. She was given the freedom to choose her own cases, make her own timetable, and complete a large portion of her work outside of court. Since taking depositions at attorneys’ offices was Karen’s area of expertise, she had the opportunity to work in a variety of locations and meet a wide range of people.
One morning when Karen awoke early and checked her emails, she was given the opportunity to take a deposition at a Beverly Hills legal office. She accepted the offer right away and got ready for the day. She gathered her tools, including her laptop and steno machine, and checked that she had enough ink and paper.
She was welcomed by the receptionist when she arrived at the law office and sent to the conference room where the deposition would take place. She set up her tools and checked that they were all functional. As soon as the witness and the lawyer came, Karen introduced herself and clarified her position as the court reporter. As soon as the deposition started, Karen started typing up all of the transcripts.

Karen couldn’t help but be impressed by how important the case was as the deposition went on. The witness, a former executive of a significant corporation, was being questioned by the lawyer over some dubious business practices. Karen was aware that the outcome of the case would be significantly influenced by her transcript.
The deposition was over after a while, and Karen packed away her tools. She bid the lawyer and the witness farewell before returning to her workplace at home.
She reread and corrected her transcript once she got home to make sure it was factual and comprehensive. She saved the transcript and gave it to the lawyer, feeling pleased with herself for doing her job thoroughly and accurately.

In her profession as a freelance court reporter, Karen had conducted numerous depositions, including this one. She cherished the variety, the intellectual and physical challenges, and the sense of accomplishment that came from a job well done. Karen thought working as a freelance court reporter was the ideal profession and had no desire to do anything else.

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