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Apex CART Providers

Nationwide CART Services for the Deaf & Hearing Impaired. 

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)

CART services: Speed, Accuracy, Inclusion

Apex CART Providers
CART for the classroom helps students that are deaf or hearing impaired have access to communication.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), or captioning as it’s also known, is a process whereby a CART provider or stenographer, using a steno machine, notebook computer and realtime software, provides instant word-for-word speech-to-text translation for display. In order to furnish a highly readable English translation, our CART providers (stenographers) possess shorthand speeds of well over 225 words per minute, with a general accuracy level of 99% or greater and are fully educated on the Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing culture.

“Smart” CART

For those with a hearing loss, the difference between a good captioner and a poor one can translate into either a full understanding of events or an exceedingly confusing experience. Our CARTers (stenographers) are dedicated to total communication access for this significant segment of our population. We offer high-quality captioning services using reader-friendly fonts and formats. We include extra explanatory notes to communicate subtleties, nuances and other conversational details that support full comprehension.

CART on-the-spot

Advanced technology and equipment enable us to provide CART services in almost any setting. Following an event, captioned proceedings may be made available in electronic format. Our CART professionals are trained to convey the total experience, including such things as gestures, laughter and surrounding sounds in the captioning. This is crucial for the hearing loss community, particularly in crowded or fast-paced speaking environments such as annual general meetings, hearings or informal settings with multiple participants.

CART via remote

Remote CART Provider
A Remote CART provider can translate the spoken word into text in real-time from a remote location.

Remote CART is a service in which we deliver communication access anywhere the recipient has Internet and telephone connections. The audio feed* lets the captioner hear the meeting taking place. The spoken word is then transcribed into English and sent to the consumer(s) for viewing, within seconds of the words being spoken. For larger groups, the receiving computer can be connected to an LCD projector.  We can obtain an audio feed in two methods – one via Skype and the other via speaker phone.

*Note: For optimum results in remote captioning, the audio feed to captioner must be of excellent quality.

CART delivery via:

  • Laptop/desktop monitors
  • LCD projector with large overhead screen
  • Modem/Internet
  • Digital display
  • Webcasting

CART services are used in places such as:

  • CART for Conventions
  • CART for Shareholders’ meetings
  • CART for Government departmental meetings
  • CART for Small/large workplace settings
  • CART for Courtrooms
  • CART for Classrooms
  • CART for Boardrooms
  • CART for Annual meetings

CART Services Nationwide

Our company provides on-site CART services nationwide as well as remote CART.

Call us at (877)871-2654 or Contact Us to schedule your event, courthouse or educational CART services.